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°1: Give credit to idol_iconized in your keywords. If you don't know how to - click!
°2: Leave a comment what you took. I love comments just like everybody else.
°3: Don't Hotlink ANY of my work, you're stealing my bandwith that way. Hotlinking is a crime! I'm deadly serious as I pay for my bandwith. Get a life.
°4: Do not alter, re-distribute and/or claim any icons as your own or I'm gonna hunt you and kill you.
°5: If you want to nominate any of my icons (which would be great, thanks in advance), please let me know.
°6: Text-less Icons are NOT bases (unless they're stated so)
°7: Only use my stuff here. LJ ONLY. If I wanted them elsewhere I would post them there so just don't.


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This is my Journal for everything related to icons. I had to make this community "members only" because of Xanga users, who were stealing and hotlinking my work all over the place.

How did I come to IDOL ICONIZED? Yah well, I've realized, that I'm actually only making icons of people whom I like so I guess I can say they're an idol to me. The term "iconized"...at first I wanted "iconsized" but that was hilariously stupid so I chose "icon-ized"...as I post mostly icons here. So in the end I explained this name to me as "a place where your find all your fav people on icons" aka "where you find all your idol iconized". *lolz*
To be honest, my mother language is not English so I actually didn't think that "iconized" was a word anyway. But when I looked it up after the creation of my community, I found this explanation: in a computing dictionary. So I didn't make up that word, it's actually really an existing computing term.

I guess this should explain every question how I came to that name and what iconized is.

PS: Idol has also another meaning...IDOL - Icon-Derived Object Language. An object-oriented preprocessor for Icon. *ROFLZ*

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