~dominique (darkangel_alone) wrote in idol_iconized,

To all my lovely icon-users...

...no worries, I'm still alive and kicking (high end note on "still")...I've got my a-levels in 3 weeks and the orals in 5 so I'm kinda all stressed and busy and depressed and yah. Just NOT in a good mood. I just hope I'll pass the tests...everybody tells me to stop worrying but I just don't feel secure. I suck at maths and french/spanish grammar and my usual plus at tests, vocabulary, will be tough, too.

Well yah. I can't wait to finally update my icon journal (the icons are pending and pending and pending...) so yah. Also I'm gonna have 3 months of FREE TIME where (except for finding an appartment and moving to Basel) I'll surely update with tons of stuff. And I've still got my website repeat to fade which I actually paid for so I should update there, too. And I will. Well yes, if I pass, that is.

Take Care ♥
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ach du schaffst das ;) wir beide schaffen das :D
ich bin auch total schlecht in italienisch aber trotzdem das wird.. denk nur dran, wer aller maturiert hat da sind nicht gerade Helden dabei dann wirst du das auf jeden Fall schaffen! das intressiert ja die Lehrer auch nicht, da noch eine Arbeit zusammenzustellen ^^
good luck.cant wait!!!