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50 various Icons

Uh yeah, where did my holidays go? I moved and all so maybe that's why I had zero time at all. University started a week ago and this is the first day for weeks I have time to sit down and sort out my stuff. Anyway, I'll cut the blahblah and bring up the icons instead. Hehe.

&30 Fashion & Models Warning! Some are NSFW!
&10 Misc Actresses: Lindsay Lohan, Kate Walsh, Michelle Rodriguez, Rachel Weisz
&10 Milla Jovovich


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hey gorgeous

Regarding Screencaps

Okay guys, I was wondering...I have now 2 months of holidays and as I get bored easily and as I wanted to watch some TV Shows over the holiday break, I was wondering, if and which TV Show you'd like me to cap the most. Here is a complete list with all Shows I own (there are probably more but I didn't check) and if you want me to cap a specific season/episode, let me know. I didn't include all TV Shows, because on most of them (popular shows and those which are still running), you'll already find many great screencaps.

Thanks. :)

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hey gorgeous

50 various Icons

So I made myself a new LJ account, so I'll be updating from now with with saturated_light and not darkangel_alone anymore.
And yay I passed my a-level exams! ♥

These are also extremely old...back from feb07, there will be another update later this week with some newer ones.

&4 Misc Challenge Entries: Wentworth Miller, Zooey Deschanel, Heroes
&5 Jesssica Alba
&6 Jensen Ackles
&5 Finding Nemo
&20 Dark Angel: 2x01 - Designate This
&10 Kylie Minogue


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To all my lovely icon-users...

...no worries, I'm still alive and kicking (high end note on "still")...I've got my a-levels in 3 weeks and the orals in 5 so I'm kinda all stressed and busy and depressed and yah. Just NOT in a good mood. I just hope I'll pass the tests...everybody tells me to stop worrying but I just don't feel secure. I suck at maths and french/spanish grammar and my usual plus at tests, vocabulary, will be tough, too.

Well yah. I can't wait to finally update my icon journal (the icons are pending and pending and pending...) so yah. Also I'm gonna have 3 months of FREE TIME where (except for finding an appartment and moving to Basel) I'll surely update with tons of stuff. And I've still got my website repeat to fade which I actually paid for so I should update there, too. And I will. Well yes, if I pass, that is.

Take Care ♥

55 various Icons

I've been waiting to update for weeks now. Got a new PC and I forgot to save some stuff and blahblahblah. But well. I've got them now or at least some. They're quite old actually so I can't wait to make some new ones.

&8 Hayden Panettiere
&7 Kristen Bell
&10 Text Icons: Lyrics, Statements
&10 Romeo + Juliet
&10 Chanel Couture
&10 Kate Moss


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Back to Semi Members Only

I've come to the conclusion that I'm gonna reopen idol_iconized at least partially. Icons are back to open for everyone but everything else (brushes, caps, etc.) is still members only.
All old posts are still locked, too.

I hope it stays for once this way...eg no hotlinking and give credit. ;)


1000 members!

The sweetest x-mas gift you could've given to me was reaching the 1000+ members number. I'm so happy. :) Thank you all for your support and comments. ♥ I'll be sure to make a x-mas gift for you folks. :D Non-redistributable and just up for a week.

Happy Holidays!